Candle line up

High quality, long lasting candles.

Our candles embody a combination of blended waxes with the highest quality fragrances that are hand poured to produce the best candle.  The wax used is a propriatary blend and the formula used in production is specifically designed so that the candles burn clean and resignate the best scent.  We use the highest quality ingredients including essential oils for the fragrance that offer a high-end performing candle.


The wicks are lead free, core free (no zinc) and are made from 100% cotton that are clean buring with no black soot.  Although the wicks are considered self trimming, we recommend that you trim the wick to be 1/8 or 1/4 inch before burning.


Our candles are the best in the market today!


(Burn instructions recommend that you NEVER burn a candle continuously for more than 3 hours!)

Clean burning with exceptional fragrance from

the top of the candle, all the way to the bottom.

Candles with aloha

featuring premium scented natural soy wax.